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Week 21 

Week 21 

Our song <3 

Our song <3 

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My sweet baby girl at 20w6d, just perfect. 

My sweet baby girl at 20w6d, just perfect. 


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(via dipringsandwranglerjeans-deacti)

Age when you found out you were pregnant: 24

Did you experience any pregnancy symptoms? Heartburn, my boobs were sore and getting bigger. Nauseous. 

How far along were you when you found out?: 4 weeks, 5 days :) 

Was your little one planned or a surprise?: Surprise! :)

When is your EDD?: May 2nd, 2013

How many weeks are you currently?:  19 weeks, 6 days

Is this your first child?  If not, how many do you have?:  First, quite possibly our last. I just want to give all of my love and attention to her. 

What was your first reaction when you found out you were pregnant?: Complete shock. My best friend didn’t believe me and asked for a picture, haha 

Who was the first person you told that you were pregnant?: My sister in law, Autumn

How far along were you when you felt baby kick for the first time?:  16 weeks, then again at 18, I’m still waiting for it to become daily.

What month did you find out the sex of your baby?: November 17th

Are you having a boy or girl?: A sweet baby girl, McKenna Grace. 

What cravings have you had?: Arby’s 

Have you/are you planning on attending any Lamaze classes?: I’m not sure yet 

Do you have a name picked out?: McKenna Grace

When did you decide on a name?  Who picked it?: At 9 weeks? lol. We knew what we wanted for a boy or girl, never could decide on a boy’s middle name though so I figured she was a girl. I picked it out and he loved it. 

What kind of birth plan are you considering?: I want to try to go as far as I can natural. 

What pregnancy discomforts have you experienced?: Round ligament pain, headaches, back aches sometimes. 

What pregnancy related books have you read/are you currently reading?: What to expect when you’re expecting

Any weird pregnancy dreams?:  Terrible, God awful dreams. 

Who do you want in the delivery room with you?: Barry

Are you planning on breast feeding?: Yes

Do you plan on having any more little ones?: Not too sure.

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18 weeks.

  • How far along? 18 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 8 pounds
  • Maternity clothes? Yes, skinny jeans, and fat girl shirts
  • Sleep: It’s wonderful
  • Best moment this week: Feeling McKenna move around before bed, best thing to go to sleep too. 
  • Miss Anything?: Yeah, I miss not throwing up, or feeling nauseous
  • Movement: Yes, sometimes, I don’t feel it all the time yet, but excited too! <3 
  • Food cravings: Chips and dip, Arby’s 
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: Everytime I sneeze I gag…  and smells 
  • Labor Signs:  No thank goodness, she’s not ready yet! :) 
  • Symptoms: No, but I do get bouts of queasiness
  • Belly Button in or out? Innie
  • Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy everyday
  • Looking forward to: Seeing the little face of the girl who grew in my belly and listened to my heartbeat everyday. 

I can’t wait to meet the little girl that’s been living in my belly and listening to my heartbeat. It’s been a long journey, sometimes scary, and I know we still have a ways to go but I would do it all over again for her. I never really knew how much I wanted her until I read the positive results on the test that morning. At first I cried, to a few friends, to a few family members but when I cried to Barry he just held me and said that God gave us to her and he wants her more than ever. I wonder who she will look like, what color her hair and eyes will be. Who will she take after? Will she love pink and zebra like her mama does or sports like her daddy? Whatever she decides we will always teach her that without God she wouldn’t of been ours, to teach her to forgive everybody and give thanks to the one who gave it all for us. I have so many plans for this little girl and can’t wait until she’s in our arms, and I will just hope and pray it doesn’t fly by… but I know it will, so all we can do is remember and cherish every bit of it. Starting with now.

I haven&#8217;t met you yet but you know what? 

I haven’t met you yet but you know what? 


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